One of my goals for this week has been to start organizing my Pinterest Boards. Wow!! What an undertaking. I have been working on it for a week and have barely scratched the surface. I have over 80 different boards that I have been pinning to over the past 16 years of teaching. While they are organized into different themes such as media, grade levels, classroom management, inspiration, anchor charts and visuals, and many more, I have begun the task of creating my own boards so that the YouTube channel videos that I created are more searchable. In doing that I have also revamped my YouTube channel and created posters on Canva for Art Center Posters that include QR codes with the videos for teachers who work within a TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) approach.

Making these posters has been a great way to reflect on the projects that I have done over the years and allow me the opportunity to add photos of student work and some of my own doodling and quotes by artists who work in those media. This week I will work more on the posters and also create more subcategories for the boards that I have on Pinterest.

Having fun and Being Creative!