Collage & Mixed Media

Grade 5 Still Life Collages

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Grade 5s were studying about still life and creating foreground, ground middle ground and back ground.  We also looked at patterns and how they can create a contrast.  They created paper weavings for the placemats and then used cut paper to shape as the fruit and finally using marker for details.


KG – PYP WWA Still Life

Mixed Media Collage with tissue paper.  KG students discussed healthy food choices.  After drawing from a still life of fruits and veggies they used tissue paper to add color.


Grade 7 Landscape Tunnel Books – 2008

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Students chose their favorite place and create a landscape tunnel book.  I was amazed at all the different places they wanted to go and see or had seen.  I loved the way they used materials to decorate the inside covers of the book as an extension of the book.