Portrait Grid Drawings

Big Idea:  Proportion – Drawing with Grids

Lesson:  Portraits

Grade Level:  7

Focus:  Realism


The Student will:

Production:  Create a realistic portrait using a grid.

Art History:  Study the of grids to create realism in the work of artist Chuck close.  Understand the use of optical blending in the work of Pointillist painters.  Gain knowledge of microcalligraphy in artist works.

Aesthetics:  Evaluate their work to create a realistic interpretation.

Art Criticism:  Discuss and evaluate their work and the work of others.

South Carolina Visual Arts Standards Addressed:

VA7-1.1  Identify the materials, techniques, and processes used in a variety of artworks.

VA7-4.3 Demonstrate visual literacy by deconstructing works of visual art to identify and discuss the elements and principles of design that are used in them.

Common Core Standards Addressed:

Math7.RP 2.  Recognize and represent proportional relationships between quantities.


Analysis and use of ratios and proportional measurements.

Alternative Lessons:

Selfies:  Students used selfies taken from their phone to create self portraits.

Student Work: