Artist in Residence

Students really enjoy hearing another voice in the Art Room.  An Artist in Residence program is the opportunity for practicing artists to share their passion, skills and perspective for their craft through hands-on experiences with students.  The focus is to unlock students creative potential in the artistic process, and deepen learning as they create alongside artists.  In 2014/15, in collaboration with Mathaf:  Arab Museum of Modern Art, my students were able to meet and work with Mariam Haji.  In this short workshop she worked with grade 4 students on portraiture using charcoal.  Students were engaged as they asked questions and shared their art with her.  

In 2016/17, I initiated the Artist in Residency program at QAD Primary.  With the help of fellow teachers and PTA members the visual arts department was able to put together over 10 workshops for grades KG – 5.  Practicing artists from the community and teachers within the school provided small workshops to students focusing on their media interests and their craft.  Students also had the opportunity to work with local artists Faisal Al Abdulla and Wafiqa Sultan Al-Essa.

In 2018/19, we had the unique opportunity to hire Paul Valentine, a printmaker,  as our artist in resident.  Mr. Valentine worked with grad 2 and 3 students to create relief prints that were then collaged into a community mural piece which is now displayed at QAD Primary.

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