Grade 1 Communities

A few years ago Grade 1 students were inquiring about communities in their UOI.  I snapped a few photos of them creating these cardboard buildings of our community here in Qatar.  It was such a great lesson.  You can really learn a lot about them as you listen to them chat with each other.  They mostly talked about all the hotels and tall buildings there are in Qatar and then some would talk about the hospitals and police stations, etc.  After all the buildings were created we turned them into a relief wall hanging.

Letterpress Workshop!

Redux Contemporary Art Center hosted a letterpress workshop with instructor Allison Nadeau of Ink Meets Paper. Students created holiday cards for the American Red Cross Holiday Mail for Heroes. Students ranged in age from middle school to high school and all connected in the name of art. Joshua Breland, the Volunteer Outreach Coordinator for Redux, and I even made our own card. Can’t wait until the next workshop in January!


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