Marina Abramovic: An Antidote to the Distracted Rush | Creative Time Reports

Marina Abramovic: An Antidote to the Distracted Rush | Creative Time Reports.

I think that this type of performance art would be very unnerving to many people.  I often have a hard time shutting down and relaxing.  The time when I feel I can best relax is after practicing yoga and then being able to just lie on the floor.  So many times I have fallen asleep.  I love the introduction of the lab coat.  It creates the costume for the performance.

Worries and Fears

My 8th graders are making ceramic fear and worry jars.  We first discussed some common fears and worries of students their age and then created ceramic boxes and jars from slab and coil hand building techniques.  They are looking very good!!

First Week of Q3

After a delayed start to the week due to freezing temperatures we are settling into a routine.  The 5th graders are starting on their Greatest American Stories.  The 6th graders practiced with Chinese Calligraphy characters.  Seventh graders are started on their hatching and cross hatching techniques and the 8th grade has had great discussions about fears and worries as we brainstorm ideas for our fear and worry jars.  Things are definitely off to a good start.