A few years ago I started exploring technology for the classroom.  Resources such as iPads, tablets and laptops had always been scarce and I often used my own.  I first worked with the gifted and talented students in my STEP art program.  This was one of their first videos.

They had such fun creating it and eventually they worked out a story line and background.


A few years ago I reintroduced this lesson to my 5th graders at Qatar Academy Doha.  At first it was difficult and the students were putting so much time into the sculptures and not much time into the backgrounds.  Some were terrible at working in groups. Some didn’t understand that the camera is not the thing that needs to move to capture the action its the clay that slowly moves step by step.  Each year the lessons and results got better but it wasn’t until this year that I feel I will be really successful with it.

This year I have been focusing more on how I can give the students more control of their learning so that I can spend more time working with them individually.  I came across a class on the Art of Ed website on Flipping the Art Room.  I haven’t taken the course yet but I am registered to begin in January, but I started doing a little research on ways to “Flip the Art Room.”  One tool that I found that I’ve used before but forgotten about was QR Codes.

I found several art teacher blogs on how they are using QR Codes that are linked to videos that they share with their students.  And I thought to myself.  I can do this.  And I did.  It was a little difficult at first and the sound its good for listening in a room full of noisy 5th graders but it still worked.  I set up a tutorial on how to use the iMotion app linked it with a QR Code and a picture of the materials that were needed along with the directions to create a 30 image video of them practicing moving a ball of clay around.  I prefaced this lesson that this was practice and if they finished the video then they could create another one after where they manipulated the clay, again, this was all just practice.  I was so amazed at how well it worked and how much better they are moving along in the lesson I am completely gobsmacked.  This is not to say that there have not been a few hiccups still, but they seem to be fewer and more manageable.  I’m really looking forward to the results and taking this course in a few months.