In the PYP, assessment in an ongoing process. Through annotated observations I record what and how students engage with the media, tools and each other. I reflect on their skill level to establish where they are in the learning continuum so that I can encourage and develop lessons that are appropriate, engaging and challenging their learning. Students are also involved in the assessment process by creating artist statements, self reflection and peer reflection such as gallery walks and critiques.

Assessment Strategies

Student Documentation and Project Tracker is a useful tool that I developed over the past two years. This is a hyperlinked document that I can use in conjunction with the GoodNotes application. I can add observations, photographs, rubrics and it is all organized.

Three Way Conference Reflection – I created this three way conference reflection for early years students to help guide them through the process of reflecting on strengths and areas of growth.

Sample Rubric – I’ve used this rubric and similar ones in grade 5 – 8.