Sometimes I get a little frustrated to hear people tell me they can’t even draw a straight line because if I want to draw a straight line I will usually get out a ruler and use it as a straight edge.  I try to express to my students that art is about getting your ideas and thoughts down on paper.  However they can do that to help me visualize their idea, I accept it.  My students will often ask me how long I’ve been drawing and I tell them all my life.  I used to draw on everything, walls, car ceilings, the dirt, you name it and I was probably drawing on it but I didn’t magically wake up one morning and know how to draw.  Practice, practice will help win video games.  Practice will provide skills to win the soccer match.  Practice will make someone a better drawer.

While I don’t believe that I am anywhere near mastery I do have experience in Acrylic, Tempera, Watercolor and Oils.