Ceramics and Pottery

I love taking pottery classes.  There is something amazing about taking a lump of clay and molding it into something either sculptural or useable.  In my first teaching position at Hanahan Middle School we had a potter’s wheel and I had attempted the wheel in college with little to no success.  In an effort to learn how I could show my students how to use it I took some wheel throwing classes at the local clay studio, Cone 10 Studios.  In this six week course I learned so much and was able to demonstrate with confidence to my students the technique of wheel throwing.  Since then I have taken several more classes in wheel throwing as well as many hand building courses.  Recently I have worked with Iraqi artist Waleed Qaisi in his studio in Amman, Jordan.  My goal this year in the studio is to complete a series of small vessels much like the ones I saw in the National Archaeological Museum in Jordan.