One of my first childhood memories is of the painting done on the floor of my bedroom with my mothers make-up.  Although I was very proud of my work she lacked my enthusiasm for this masterpiece. As I got older she continued to find drawings and scribblings on walls, car ceilings and clothing.  I made my way through countless Hello Kitty and Strawberry Shortcake coloring books, watercolor booklets and craft kits.  I would take things apart to see how they worked without having the slightest idea of how to put them back together.  Since my youth I have found canvas, paper, paint and glue.  I collect buttons, beads, fabric and found objects and I use as these as the vehicle for my artistic outlets.

After graduating high school, I knew that I wasn’t ready for the commitment of a four year college, so I enrolled in cosmetology school.  I enjoyed being able to work with hair and nails helping people look and feel good about their appearance.  I learned about color and made tiny paintings on fingernails.  When I began to think about opening my own shop I started taking business and accounting courses.  Then I took my first Art History and Photography course and I new that I had found a new direction for my future.  Working with art and learning about other cultures and worlds beyond my own became inspiring and fulfilling.  I began thinking of how I could continue this journey to learn as much as I could about everything when I decided that Art Education was the way to go.

As an art educator I have learned about people, cultures, media, artists, styles, customs, engineering, math, science, and the list goes on.  I enjoy sharing my findings with my students, friends and family and anyone who will listen.  I have truly found a career that I can’t believe I get paid for.

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