This week I was not as productive as I wanted to be. I set myself goals to accomplish this week and I have to admit that I failed to accomplish them. I think the reason for this is partly due to not being happy with the way that the blog presents itself and I wanted to change the aesthetics of it and became involved in a task that took more time that I wanted. I must remember to set time limits so that I have time to work on my goals as well as work on the other projects that come up. Prioritize and Time Management!!!

This week I will be starting my new job as a Circulation Assistant at the library. I am quite excited about it because the branch I will be working at has many opportunities for me to both teach and be creative without the stressors of teaching in the classroom. This part time position will enable me to have a small and steady income while still allowing me to focus on my art and sharing my experience in art education.

As I was organizing my Pinterest Boards into different PYP Unit themes, I started working on one of the units I have done on simple machines. My students always loved this unit because they got to explore different ways that simple machines have benefited artists as well as do a lot of hands on making. We focus on the Self-Management Approaches to Learning skill, perseverance, which aligns with the Studio Habits of Mind, Engage and Persist. Students also practice Thinking Skills another ATL as they use different Problem Solving strategies to work through the creative process. I introduce them to Leonardo da Vinci and his sketchbook and how he was not only an artist but a “Renaissance Man” who loved to learn about many things and invented many machines because he thought they were interesting.

There are so many ways to connect art to so much of what students need. This unit definitely has something for everyone. Students are engaged in Math, Science, History, Literacy and, you may have guessed… ART!!!

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