I’ve been thinking a lot about what my mission and vision should be. With 16 years of experience as a visual arts teacher, I was thinking I would continue on this path and focus on my interests in art integration, project-based learning, and choice-based art. I have been working on organizing my YouTube Channel, and my Pinterest Boards. With each platform, I have organized videos and posts that I have either created or saved over my teaching career so that I could share them with other teachers both classroom and visual art teachers. This week I finished creating posters for drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, fiber, sculpture, and ceramics. After completing them I then created a QR code for each one linking them to my catalogued videos for the media. These are now available in my TpT shop.

I have been uploading my products on TpT in Google Slides so should someone want to edit them then it would be possible but maybe I should upload them as JPEGs. Right now I’m not sure. I think the next set I will change up the format.

I created these posters using my own photos, and clip art as well as some from Canva, which I am learning more about. I used to make all of my posters and visual aids by hand or in Google Slides. Google Slides has its advantages but Canva has a few other options. I have not bought the pro package but will possibly think about it in the future.

The next layer of my Mission and Vision is having more time for my own art-making. While I do love painting and sometimes drawing, I have really enjoyed mixed media projects and bookmaking. I have also always been a big fan of journaling and stationery. At this time I am working from a small desk in my sister’s house where she has so kindly invited me to stay while I am on this journey of finding my new path. Working in a small space has been an adjustment for me as I previously had used my classroom as a studio space. A lot of my art has been digital of late but, inshallah, I will have a studio space again in the future.

Goals for this week:

  • Make UOI posters linked to art-related content
  • Post to social media more about what I am working on. Remember it is for me to document what I am doing.
  • Post 1 product to TpT.