The Job Search Continues

This week has been a little disappointing. I received notification that the position I was hoping for and interviewed for last week went to another candidate. The search goes on. I have applied to several different positions from restaurants and doctors office to library positions and sales. Through the search I have realized a few things, I really do enjoy doing my art and want to continue to pursue it but I also need to have something away from the house. Finding my balance will take some time.

October Spread

Accomplishments for this past week.

  • Finishing the illustrations for the children’s book I was working on with Mohannad.
  • Pinterest boards are almost all organized and I have even added subcategories and descriptions.
  • Started working on Fall themed sketches.

Goals for this coming week:

  • Finish Art Center and UOI posters and add to TpT
  • Post one artwork or sketch daily to Social Media.
  • Go to the gym 3 times this week.