Starting a new Chapter

It is time for a new chapter in my professional life. This is not the first time that I’ve shifted in my career. When I finished high school all I wanted to do was be a hairdresser. I was working as a secretary at a construction company and was able to go to beauty school at night with the help and support of my family. I did hair and nails for five years before wondering if there was more and began to consider opening my own salon. I went back to school to learn about business and accounting but that bored me to tears. I did, however, take a few art history and photography classes and remembered how much I enjoyed art. I decided that I would become an art teacher. Again with the help and support of family, I was able to finish my bachelor’s degree and started teaching at the same middle school I had attended. It was amazing and I could not believe my good fortune to be in a job that I loved so much. After another five years, I again began to ask if there was more and returned to school for my Master’s. Upon completing my Master’s in Public Administration I applied to many museums across the country but remembered how interesting I thought it would be to live in another country. I found a recruitment company for international teaching and enjoyed the next 9 years teaching in Qatar and Brazil. I was able to travel to thirty-five countries and learn from other educators from around the globe. What an amazing time. But alas, it is time to turn the page once more. I am not sure what is next but I’m ready.

For now, I will share my experiences in teaching and art-making here and on my other platforms. I am really looking forward to reliving these experiences and sharing them with others.