First Week at PAS

This has been a busy week for sure and I feel as if I’m still trying to play catch up. Today is the end of my first week teaching at PASPOA here in Porto Alegre, Brazil. I am splitting my time between two campuses and see two section of each grade level Pre 3-G3 twice in a 6 day cycle. On one campus I have a dedicated art space but on the other campus I’m teaching art on a cart which has been a bit of a challenge. I think that amidst all the meetings and inconvenience of not having the experience of knowing the system it has been a successful week.

Starting from scratch.

This week the G1-3 worked on colored pencil and marker techniques while creating their name tags. I love this lesson and have used it for years with multiple grade levels. Procedures and techniques get packed into a little bit of getting to know more about the students.

My KGs worked on creating artworks with shapes using oil pastel and watercolors. I showed them how to do dry brush and wet on wet and several of them gave it a go.

Pre4s worked on Line artworks using watercolor and oil pastels. Some of these kiddos aren’t speaking a lot of English yet so it’s a bit of a challenge since I don’t speak Portuguese but we’ll get there.