Podcast Review

While listening to Tamar Avishai’s podcast, “The Lonely Palette,” Ep. 36 – “Behold the Monkey,” I learned of this interesting story where a woman in Spain restored a fresco of Jesus Christ called “Ecce Homo (Behold the Man).”  With a quick Google Search of the incident I came across several articles including this one in the NY Post,  Infamous botched Jesus painting now a major tourist attraction.

In Avishai’s podcast, some of points she discusses in regards to this event are the fact that this was no ordinary vandalism job but done in love, to restore one woman’s favorite local depiction of Jesus Christ and prior to the “restoration,” no one really knew about this work of art.

This was the first episode I have listened to in this series but the mix of art history and the easiness of Avishai’s voice provides a lot of promise for me to continue listening.